Futura Brake Pads with OE Replacement Rotors

  • Features our Canadian Made Futura Brake Pads

    • Positive molding technology provides the best possible quality and ensures longer pad and rotor life
    • AASA Leafmark compliant Eco Friendly formulation
    • Manufactured to O.E. specifications and includes sensors/wires where applicable
    • Heavy duty commercial grade copper free brake pads
  • O.E. Replacement Rotors made to OEM specs, weight & thickness

    • Features exact or more vanes than original rotors
    • Manufactured from high quality G3000 Grade Cast Iron.
    • Meets or exceeds ISO9002/QS9000/VDA 6.1 World Standards
    • O.E. thickness ensures better braking performance & longer rotor life
    • Balanced and inspected for vibration free operation

Premium Imported Ceramic Pads with OE Replacement Rotors

  • Features our Premium Imported Ceramic Brake Pads

    • Provide an excellent, smooth stop
    • Very quiet – create little to no noise when applying brakes
    • Leave behind no visible dust on the wheels
    • Longer lasting than other brake pad materials
    • Available for a wide variety of applications

Ceramic Brake Pads with Anti-Rust eCoated Rotors

  • Features our Premium Canadian Made or Imported Ceramic Brake Pads

    •  See Above descriptions for details
  • Anti-Rust eCoated Rotors

    • Features long lasting Geomet anti-rust water based coating
    • Rotors will not rust on the hub, look great with open rim wheels
    • Coating ensures longer rotor life and less wear and tear
    •  Longer lasting than traditional steel OE Replacement Rotors