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Brake Pads & Rotors Kits

Futura brake Pads with OE Replacement Rotors

Features our Canadian Made Futura Brake Pads

Positive molding technology provides the best possible quality and ensures longer pad and rotor life
AASA Leafmark compliant Eco Friendly formulation
Manufactured to O.E. specifications and includes sensors/wires where applicable
Heavy duty commercial grade copper free brake pads

O.E. Replacement Rotors made to OEM Specifications  

Features exact or more vanes than original rotors
Made to the same weight, specs and thicknesses as OEM Rotors
list item 3Manufactured from high quality G3000 Grade Cast Iron.
Meets or exceeds ISO9002/QS9000/VDA 6.1 World Standards
O.E. thickness ensures better braking performance & longer rotor life

Premium Imported Ceramic Pads with OE Replacement Rotors

Features our Premium Imported Ceramic Brake Pads

Provide an excellent, smooth stop
Very quiet – create little to no noise when applying brakes
Leave behind no visible dust on the wheels
Longer lasting than other brake pad materials
Available for a wide variety of applications

Ceramic Brake Pads with Anti-Rust eCoated Rotors

Features our Premium Canadian Made or Imported Ceramic Brake Pads 

See Above descriptions for details

Anti-Rust eCoated Rotors 

Features long lasting Geomet anti-rust water based coating
Rotors won't rust on hub, look great with open rim wheels
Coating ensures longer rotor life and less wear and tear
Longer lasting than traditional steel OE Replacement Rotors
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