Premium Steel OE Replacement Brake Rotors

  • Our Premium Steel Rotors are made to meet/exceed O.E. standards
  • Manufactured from high quality G3000 Grade Cast Iron.
    • Meets or exceeds ISO9002/QS9000/VDA 6.1 World Standards
  • Exceptional surface finishing helps eliminate early rusting
  • Finish dramatically improves pad-rotor brake in reducing noise
  • O.E. thickness ensures better braking performance, less noise and longer rotor life
  • Features Exact or more vanes than original rotors.
  • Balanced and inspected for vibration free operation

Anti-Rust Geomet Coated Brake Rotors

  • Our Geo Coated Brake Rotors offer all of the benefits of our Premium Steel OE Replacement Rotor
  • Corrosion protection - Rotors are coated inside and out to ensure no rust
  • Provides protection against rain, snow and other harsh weather
  • Provides oxidation protection and looks great with open wheels
  • Coating helps prevent the rotor from seizing onto the hub

Steel and Coated Rotor