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Steel Vs Coated Rotors

It's time to change your brakes. You've purchased your brand new brake pads and rotors and get all of your tools together. You take off the lug nuts only to find that the wheels are completely seized onto your car. After 20 minutes you finally manage to get one of the wheels off. Does this sound familiar? If it does then you may want to consider anti-rust coated rotors for your vehicle. Anti-rust coated rotors have several advantages over traditional OEM replacement steel rotors including longer rotor life.   
Steel vs Anti-Rust Coated Rotors


Coated Anti-Rust Rotors

Coated Rotors have several advantages compared to traditional OEM replacement steel rotors. These include: 

  • Aesthetically pleasing, coating keeps the rotors looking shiny and rust free on the hubs through open wheels
  • Coating ensures longer rotor life compared to OEM replacement rotors and less wear and tear
  • Great for when vehicles aren't being driven as often such as when on vacation or during the pandemic as rust won't build up and damage braking systems
  • Ready to install out of the box

  • While Coated rotors do cost more than traditional steel replacement rotors they do provide a better value as they offer longer rotor life and look great even months after being installed. We carry both Steel and Anti-Rust Coated Rotors for a large variety of vehicles. Shop now to search and find brake parts for your vehicle.