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Ceramic Brake Pads Vs Semi-Metallic Brakes

Brakes and RotorsIs your car making noise every time you pull up to a stop sign or traffic light? Chances are that it might be time to check your brake pads. The first thing that you’ll need to decide is what kind of brake pads are the best choice for your vehicle. You may have heard people talking about semi-metallic brake pads or ceramic brake pads but what’s the difference? Well, the decision comes down to several different factors including where you’re driving, what type of vehicle and your own personal preference. You can find the differences between the two brake pad materials below.


Ceramic Brake Pads

Ceramic Brake Pads are a newer material used in brake pads compared to Semi-Metallic and have been around since the 1980s. They are made from extremely strong ceramic with small copper fibers imbedded in the friction material. Ceramic Pads were designed as an alternative to semi-metallic pads and have gained popularity in recent years despite generally being more expensive.


  • Create very light coloured brake dust that does not stick to wheels
  • Provide a quiet and smooth stop
  • Resistant to heat which increases life of brake pads
  • Quiet – create little to no noise when applying brakes

  • Cons:
  • Generally more expensive compared to semi-metallic pads
  • Have less cold-bite, not as preferred for colder temperatures
  • Not designed for heavy-duty applications
  • Semi-Metallic Brake Pads

    Semi-metallic Brake Pads, such as our Canadian Made Futura Brake Pads, are made generally from steel, iron, copper and other materials and combine friction modifiers with metal fibers. Higher quality pads will have finer metallic fibers whereas lower quality ones will be more rough. A big draw to Semi-Metallic Pads is that they provide a harder and firmer stop compared to other brake pads types on the market.


  • Semi-Metallic Pads perform well in a wide range of temperatures such as what we see in Canada
  • Have a good cold bite to them – they don’t need to be warmed up and work great from a cold start
  • Have a firmer and harder stop and give you a better feeling of control when you apply the brake and do a better job of slowing down your vehicle
  • Preferred for use in heavy duty applications such as pickup trucks, towing, work vehicles and cargo vans

  • May leave behind visible brake dust on the wheels
  • Require “break-in” period for best performance 

  • In conclusion the best Brake Pads for you will come down to your personal preference. Both ceramic and semi-metallic brake pads offer a variety of pros and cons depending on your needs and budget. We carry both types of Brake Pads as well as Steel and Anti-Rust Coated Rotors for a large variety of vehicles. Shop now to search and find brake parts for your vehicle.